Peace of mind and complete control of all your beverage dispensing



The Provargo cloud-based system provides a unique way to control your beverage sales. Get all your servings counted and deviations from the POS system displayed immediately.


Maximized visibility and focus on your bottles in the Provargo Wall Rack System, will help increase the liquor sales rapidly.


Full-automatic counting and stock control provides a complete overview of your business in the cloud. All data and reports are easily accessible – anytime and anywhere.


The Provargo App lets you stay on top of urgent matters. You will receive a real-time push alert on your smartphone when the system indicates a cheating event, a product in low stock etc.

Access your data any time and anywhere

The flexibility of the ProCloud solution allows you to download all the reports and graph overviews you need to make the right decisions – wherever you are.

ProCloud is Provargo’s unique cloud-based solution for all types of bar outlets: pubs, night clubs, hotels, cruise liners, restaurants, etc.

The primary purpose of the ProCloud App is to notify users of important events as they occur. Key personnel receive a pop-up message on their smartphone.

You can print sales, stock and order reports from ProCloud at any time. Graphics and charts give you a simple visual overview.Any report can be exported to Excel.

The Provargo system can be connected to several types of POS systems, so that you can compare dispensing with what is typed into the POS system.

The ProCloud system can also register piece sales from the bar, e.g. bottled beer, cider and fizzy drinks, crisps and peanuts.


ProCloud Transceiver
Beer | Postmix | Spirits | Wine

DigiPour Spout
Spirits | Wine

Flow Counting Units
Beer | Postmix

Wall Rack


”Forhøjet kontrol over mine ansatte har haft gjort en forskel og haft afgørende betydning på den måde, som jeg kører min forretning på. Derudover har der været en positiv effekt på omsætningen.”
Allan Hansen – John Bull, København, DK

”Efter vi er gået over til Provargo, har vi opnået større fleksibilitet, mersalg med bordservering og glade bartendere der går hjem uden ondt i armen!”
John Jensen, DaClub – It’s Party Time!, Stenløse, DK

”Jeg har kun positive ting at sige om systemet. Vi sparer tid på optælling og jeg har et nemt overblik over mit spiritussalg. Det fremgår tydeligt at vi ikke har noget svind på spiritus mere.”
Christian Palludan, Gorms Kro, DK

”I can honestly say that Provargo’s system has seriously increased profits in all our branches, adding on average at least 10% in the first 3 months.”
Gus Brown, Dubliner Music Pubs chain, Scandinavia

”In the case of the Provargo System, work need only be done within 1,000 feet of the receiver. This is a particularly good solution for those operations that employ portable bars for functions, or at especially busy times.”
Brian J. Warrener, Associate Professor at the Hospitality College of Johnson & Wales University

”I have been getting very positive feedback from executives at Yankee Stadium about how well the provargo System is working. We have installed 800 spouts as of today at 7 bars and all is working well.”
Clay Sheff, Yankee Stadium

”There are too many advantages to list here, but the most important one for me has been the increased control and security that I have over my business.”
David Patrick, At Kennedy’s, Cape Town, SA