ProVargo Bar Equipment

Strong arguments to use

100% secure system protects you against potential theft and mistakes

100% flexibility gives you the possibility to increase sales of wine and spirits


Web portal or APP gives you an online overview of your business / businesses

Web portal or APP gives you an online overview of your business / businesses


ProCLoud Transceiver

Beer | Postmix | Spirits | Wine

V4 Portioning Spout

Spirits | Wine

Flow Counting Units

Beer | Postmix

Wall Rack


ProVargo places great importance on always being able to offer the latest technology in its products where this may be advantageous for the customer.

ProVargo’s objective is to be the most innovative supplier of dispensing systems on the market. Mind you, at prices that give even smaller businesses a payback time of 1-6 months.

ProVargo’s wireless control and dispensing system creates the necessary overview even when it seems most chaotic. Thus, you can focus on developing your business instead of worrying about control, stock-taking and similar.

Besides ensuring against errors, potential theft or mistakes, the system gives you unique flexibility that can easily increase your turnover since the system makes it possible to carry out refills at the tables, provides unlimited system capacity in the bar and to make extra serving stations anywhere and at any time.

At the same time, the system gives you the option to follow the activities in the bar/bars online regardless of where you are and how many locations you have.

The individual spout has four different settings, which can be programmed so that they suit the individual location’s needs exactly. For example: 20ml, 25ml, 50ml and off. The spout can also be set up to pour “free pours”, while still being under full control.

When the spout pours, it sends a signal to a transceiver. From here the data is registered on a computer or an internet portal. The pre-programmed software in the individual spout makes it possible for the user to see exactly what is being poured and when.