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Cloud-based bar management system

A digital Wall-Rack solution with great profitable features:

  • Fast dispensing. All waiters can dispense accurate – two drinks at a time
  • Easy handling, no need to carry around the bottles
  • Timesaving automatic counting and stock control, by the push of a button – saves valuable time
  • Never run out of products, due to real time low-stock notifcations through the App

Proven added values by using the Wall-Rack:

Full control of all dispensing
10-20% extra turnover

Accurate dispensing, no over pouring
5-10% in reduced purchasing costs

The visibility and light in the Wall-Rack units offer a better attention towards the liquor
Increases liquor sales at an average of 20%

Provargo’s unique and discreet wall-mounted system offers full control behind the bar.

DigiPour Wall Rack uploads the data from all wall-mounted dispensing units to your personal ProCloud interface. In addition to complete control and a full overview of current stocks, the system provides unique benefits. Read more here: ProCloud.

In addition to monitoring every drink poured, the system records every bottle change and registers how much is poured between bottle changes. If you require further security, bottles can be sealed using Provargo’s unique seals.

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