Wireless liquor dispenser –  The V4 Portioning Spout

The Provargo V4 DigiPour is digital liquor pour spouts for wines and spirits. The spouts can be programmed to dispense exact measures, e.g. 20 ml, 25 ml or 30 ml.

Just press a button on the V4 DigiPour spout to change the measure.

The V4 DigiPour spout is a brand new and revolutionary portioning spout from Provargo, the first company to introduce a wireless liquor dispenser to the restaurant sector in 2016.

The V4 DigiPour spout offers maximum safety and full flexibility. The V4 spout allows you to pour at the table indoors and outdoors.

The wireless liquor dispenser provides control and flexibillity

We provide the world’s first wireless liquor pourer. It is a high-technology product which is controlled via wireless user-friendly software. The liquor dispenser has special function where all pours is controlled and monitored which reduces an excessive use of spirits. At the same time, the liquor pourer offers the bar staff more flexibility than an older and less user-friendly liquor dispenser.

From experience we know that the spout increases sales in a restaurant of any size and boosts customer service in the process.

Easy update of liquor inventory

Our efficient liquor pourer is connected to a unique cloud based programme which allows you to retrieve exact information – a daily report of the liquor inventory is printed and reset. You can also create a liquor pourer report for a set period. This type of liquor dispenser report can be used to monitor sale numbers per month or per year. You can also get a Custom Report on your liquor dispenser – this customized liquor inventory review can give you details on:

  • Sales of a specific product in a given period
  • Sales calculated per waiter or bar
  • Earlier years’ sales

The Provargo liquor dispensor system has received much recognition around the world for facilitating an increase of the turnover. Our flexible and extremely user-friendly liquor dispensing solution is created for the hospitality management seeking to monitor pouring and by doing so increase profits. With our wireless liquor dispensor you can control what and how much beverages and spirits to be used in the bar.

Cloud based bar management

The V4 DigiPour spout is cloud-based, which means that you can track what is happening in your bar or bars – any time and anywhere. You also have a full list of outstanding benefits. Read more here: ProCloud.

If the connection with the ProCloud Transceiver is down, you continue to use the dispensing spout in the normal way. All the dispensing data, including times and bottle changes, is stored in the spout itself. When the connection is restored, all the data is transmitted to ProCloud.