Efficient beer control

Are you in search of a beer control solution? Provargo A/S is an engineering and sales company specializing in beer control via digital beer dispensing. Our development of high-technology products has met the demands of the hospitality industry since 1997 and offers an efficient beer control system.

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Data on beer dispensing

Our efficient beer control system has a wireless connection to a software programme. Using this beer dispensing programme you can print out exact data for beer control – you get a daily report of the beer consumption. You can also create a beer control report for a set period. This type of beer dispensing review is normally used for monitoring sale numbers per month or per year. The beer control system also allows you to retrieve a Custom Report on beer dispensing with the following data:

  • Sales of a specific beer in a given period
  • Beer sales per waiter or bar
  • Earlier years’ beer sales

Enhance profits with beer control

The flexible and user-friendly beer control solution was developed for hospitality management seeking to increase their profits. The beer dispensing products has been acknowledged worldwide for its ability to increase the industry’s turnover. With a carefully thought out beer control system you now have a better way of regulating how much beer the bar staff pour in the glasses and thereby avoid overconsumption and loss.

For a profitable beer control solution, please contact us at +45 40 76 16 12 or use the simple contact form.