Increase your top line

The ProVargo system gives you a unique opportunity to increase your turnover on spirits, since with the wireless pouring and control system, you can let your waiters, busboys and others serve your customers at the tables, both indoors and outdoors, without having to worry about security.

Everyone knows the situation. You’re sitting with a few friends at a pub / restaurant and have had a shot or a drink. Everyone would like another shot / drink, but no one feels like getting them, either because of the long queue at the bar or because they don’t’ feel like leaving the pleasant conversation.

Customers in this situation would consider it an extremely positive service, if staff came by and offered them a refill.

This service will have a significantly positive effect on turnover and regardless of how ready customers are to go up to the bar, the volume could be increased by serving at the tables.

Enquiries show that if you offer spirit products at the tables, you increase the turnover on the actual products by 20-40%;.

In addition, there is the option of placing the bottles on the tables, which will remove the waiting time entirely.

Because of the system’s high security level, the waiters can take the bottles outside to serve customers without any risk.

The wireless system also removes wasted time in the bar, such as:

waiting time to access the dispensing ring and the associated handling

time-demanding handling of measurement devices

waiting time for refilling of containers in wall systems a lot of inexpedient movement between workstations in the bar, etc.

At the same time, a new workstation for a bartender can be set up at any time.

Secure your bottom line

By using ProVargo’s PC program or portal solution, you gain a full overview of your business and all units of the system: dispensing spout, software, etc. are structured according to the highest requirements to security so your earnings on spirits is optimally ensured.

Experience shows that the bottom line increases when you acquire a secure and effective control and dispensing system.

Your overview can be further improved by integrating the system with a POS system. This gives you the option to print out a difference report from which the day’s pours are compared with what has been entered into the POS system.

“At our place the system’s payback time was just 1½ months. The first two pours per day pay for the system, the rest is earnings.”
Damian Keating, Jarntorget Sweden

All bottles in the bar can be sealed with ProVargo’s unique sealing labels, which are easy to fit and easy to remove. Afterwards, it is not possible to pour without this being registered in the system.

Furthermore, the dispensing spout has a bottle change button, which registers if a spout is taken off the bottle. It also informs the system about how much has been poured by the spout since the last bottle change.

The spout remembers the last 128 pours in the spout’s memory, which makes it impossible to cheat the system by blocking the wireless signal. For the same reason the system is not affected by power breakdown or if the system is closed down during the busy periods for other reasons.