The Provargo cloud-based solution gives you a complete overview of your business and all units in the system. BottleTag, V4 dispensing spout, F2 flow unit, ProCloud software, etc. are all engineered to meet the highest security standards – and to secure optimal bar revenue.

Our experience tells us that turnover typically increases by 10-20% when a secure and efficient dispensing and control system is installed. Pay-back time on the control system alone is usually less than three months.

You can improve security even more if you integrate the Provargo system with a POS system. Among other benefits, system integration allows you print a balance report, which compares the day’s dispensing with entries in the POS system.

The first two drinks poured each day pay for the system – everything else is profit.

All bottles in the bar can be sealed by using unique Provargo seals, which are easy to apply and remove.

The BottleTag and V4 dispensing spout also have a bottle change button which records the time at which the device is attached to and removed from the bottle. The system also tells you how much has been dispensed since the last bottle change.

The spout and BottleTag store the last 128 pouring’s with timestamps, in an internal memory, which makes it impossible to cheat the system by blocking the wireless signal. For the same reason, the system is not affected by a power cut or if, for some other reason, the system shuts down during busy periods.


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