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Få ro i sindet og fuld kontrol over alle dine udskænkninger

Cloud-Based solutions


Giver dig det fulde overblik over din forretning, på et hvilket som helst tidspunkt og uanset hvor du befinder dig.
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Bedre økonomi og fuld kontrol


Provargo systemet vil forbedre økonomien og typisk overgå dine forventninger. Foruden at sikre den bedst mulige kontrol og overblik over baren / barerne, giver systemet flere muligheder for at øge indtjeningen. Se vores ROI.
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Hurtig og fleksibel udskænkning


Det trådløse system fra Provargo giver den hurtigst mulige udskænkning og fulde fleksibilitet til, at kunne udskænke fra jeres spiritusanlæg hvor som helst, indenfor såvel som udenfor.
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Hvordan systemet virker

ProCloud systemet består af en række unikke kontrol og doseringsenheder, som giver dig total kontrol og det fulde overblik over alle tapninger foretaget på fustage øl, postmix, spiritus, vin mm. i dit spiritussystem. ProCloud Tranceiveren opsamler trådløst udskænkningsdata fra alle enhederne og sender dem til din personlige Cloud. ProCloud løsningen giver dig de informationer du skal bruge, på det tidspunkt du har behov for dem.

Provargo - How it works

Gå aldrig glip af en dråbe

Provargo trådløse kontrol og doseringssystem skaber det nødvendige overblik, selv i de mest kaotiske situationer. Således kan du fokusere på at udvikle din virksomhed i stedet for at bekymre dig om kontrol, lagerbeholdning og lignende. Systemet har en gennemsnitlig tilbagebetalingstid på 1-3 måneder.

  • All
  • Øl
  • Postmix
  • Spiritus
  • Vin

Få adgang til dine data, når som helst, hvor som helst

ProCloud løsningen giver dig fleksibiliteten til at hente de rapporter og aktuelle oversigt illustrationer, du har brug for til at træffe beslutninger, uanset hvor du er.

Reports and Overview

ProCloud allows you to generate all the reports you need to create a detailed overview at any time. Graphics and charts give you a simple visual overview. Any report can be exported to Excel.

The Cloud front page provides a consistent overview of today's sales compared to the average figures for the same week day.


Reports and overviews provide all the figures and graphs you need to make wise decisions as and when you need them.

Daily report

At the end of the working day, you will usually print a daily report, containing a full list of product sales and sales per bar and for all bars individually. You can generate a daily report at any time you wish.

Advanced report

When you need a more specific report, e.g. on a specific product, a single bar or in order to check sales during periods, when certain members of staff were on duty, you can easily print a specific report. Just select the desired period/bar/product/group, etc.

Stock and order report

You can print a report showing stock levels of all products per bar and in all the bars collectively – at any time you like. In addition to current stock status, you can read how much you need to buy of each product in order to fully replenish the stock. You can clearly see from the report if stocks of a product are critically low.

You can easily generate an order report, showing exactly how much you need to buy of each product in order to fully replenish the stock.

Losses report

You can generate a losses report, which lists the number of potential pourings which were not made. E.g. if you pour 2.5 ml measures from a 70 ml bottle, you should be able to pour 28 measures in all. If you only pour 26 measures, then the losses report registers the loss of two measures.

The losses report adds up the total loss per bar in a given period.

Device Overview

The device overview shows in detail when each individual pouring is made, how much is poured, when bottles are changed and how much has been poured since the last bottle change.

The bottle change will in ProCloud be marked in red, if the bottle change was made while there still should have been liquid in the bottle.

You can also get a full overview of current status of all devices/units and detailed information regarding consumption on the individual device/unit.


POS interface

The Provargo system can be connected to POS systems.

The two methods most frequently chosen when a Provargo dispensing and control system is connected to a POS system are:

1. Diff report: A diff (difference) report shows how much is entered into the POS system compared to what has been dispensed/delivered according to the control system, and the difference between the two. A diff report can specify figures per bar, product, group or even per waiter.

2. POS pour control: POS pour control requires that data is entered into the POS system before a drink can be poured. The POS system transmits approval to the dispensing system and the dispensing system is "locked" until it receives approval from the POS system. POS pour control provides maximum security as it ensures that every sale is entered into the POS system.

POS interface

Bulk goods / piece sales

The ProCloud system can also register piece sales from the bar, e.g. bottled beer, cider and fizzy drinks, crisps and peanuts, and any other products you wish to register manually.

You count stocks at the beginning of the day and then type the numbers onto the system, by using a tablet, smartphone, Pc, etc.
The stock count at the end of the previous day can also be transferred as the stock count at the beginning of the new day.

Alternatively, the system can be set up with a predetermined bar stock at the beginning of each day. (The morning stock count is set automatically).

After closing or the next day, you enter the previous evening's stock count, which effectively records piece and bulk product sales in the system – as if, like sales of spirits, wine, beer and post-mix, they were automatically registered by the various system devices.

When piece sales are entered into the system, the data is accessible in several different types of reports: Daily report, periodical/advanced report, stock report, order report , losses report and in various graphic illustrations/diagrams, etc.
Use the bulk goods/piece sales function with BottleTag/V4 DigiPour spout and F2 Flow Counting Unit to achieve full control of all bar sales.

Bulk goods



En løsning der hjælper dig med, at holde styr på din forretning

Få fuld kontrol over alt dit salg i baren / barerne og forbedre din bundlinje. Vores trådløse og cloud-baserede spiritus kontrol system giver dig ro i sindet samt det fulde overblik, uanset hvornår og hvor du befinder dig.


  • Provargo systemet sikre din bundlinje, ved at give dig den bedst mulige kontrol over alt hvad der sælges i baren.
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  • Øg din indtjening med bedre fleksibilitet. Ved at servere frit / trådløst i baren samt ved bordene inde såvel som ude, er der mulighed for at øge omsætningen.
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  • Få det fulde overblik over dine bar systemer. På et hvilket som helst tidspunkt, uanset hvor du befinder dig, kan du hente de rapporter, du skal bruge.
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The Provargo cloud-based solution gives you a complete overview of your business and all units in the system. BottleTag, V4 dispensing spout, F2 flow unit, ProCloud software, etc. are all engineered to meet the highest security standards – and to secure optimal bar revenue.

Our experience tells us that turnover typically increases by 10-20% when a secure and efficient dispensing and control system is installed. Pay-back time on the control system alone is usually less than three months.

You can improve security even more if you integrate the Provargo system with a POS system. Among other benefits, system integration allows you print a balance report, which compares the day's dispensing with entries in the POS system.

The first two drinks poured each day pay for the system – everything else is profit.

All bottles in the bar can be sealed by using unique Provargo seals, which are easy to apply and remove.

The BottleTag and V4 dispensing spout also have a bottle change button which records the time at which the device is attached to and removed from the bottle. The system also tells you how much has been dispensed since the last bottle change.

The spout and BottleTag store the last 128 pouring’s with timestamps, in an internal memory, which makes it impossible to cheat the system by blocking the wireless signal. For the same reason, the system is not affected by a power cut or if, for some other reason, the system shuts down during busy periods.

Flexibility and speed

The Provargo system gives you excellent opportunities to increase turnover on spirits and wine. Wireless dispensing and a secure control system allows your waiters, busboys and other staff to serve customers at the table, indoors and outside, while avoiding the risk of shrinkage.

Customers who have bought a beer, drink or shot often remain seated for some time before getting up to go to the bar to buy a second round. Maybe they don't want to miss anything said at the table or to wait in a queue at the bar or maybe it is something else that makes them postpone their second visit to the bar. Whatever the reason, they are still willing to buy another drink.

Customers respond positively to an approach from bar staff offering a refill at the table. They see this as unexpectedly good service!

Offering refills at the table has a distinctly positive effect on the turnover and, no matter how willing your customers are to queue at the bar, turnover increases when you serve drinks at the table.

Surveys shows that restaurant owners who had introduced service at the tables indicated that they had 20-40% more turnover on products offered to customers at the table.

You can also put bottles on the tables, which eliminates waiting time completely.

Thanks to the optimum level of security, the system allows waiters to take bottles outside in order to serve customers there – with no risk of shrinkage.

A wireless dispensing system also creates better flow in the bar as all bar employees can dispense drinks at all locations, simultaneously.


When you use the ProCloud system, you don't need to be in the bar to have a complete overview of it. The system ensures that you can access data anywhere and there's no shrinkage even when you are not on the premises.

The system gives you a complete picture; sales from bottles of spirits and wine and the flow from beer kegs/tanks and post-mix, as well as piece sales of bottled beer, cider, crisps, etc.

ProCloud not only creates a complete overview of sales including diagrams and graphs highlighting positive or negative trends, it also gives you stock data, order lists and notifies you of incidents that are indicative of shrinkage. You can download the data online via PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. You can access your data wherever you are.

During busy periods, it's often difficult to spot unwelcome incidents, such as shrinkage or a bar running short of a popular product. The ProCloud App can send a pop-up message to a bar manager or other member of staff if any such incident should occur. You can select which members of staff are to receive messages about which specific types of incidents. All these incidents are highlighted in the cloud as notifications on the front page.

Larger venues and restaurant chains will by using the ProCloud system get a total overview of all bars and locations. The system is flexible so you can create the overview you find most appropriate for your particular business.

A very large venue, the Yankee Stadium got a complete overview of 25 bars when it implemented the Provargo system. Bar staff's activities can be tracked from a central location, and each of the bars can be opened and closed from the central office.

Clients examples

  • Forhøjet kontrol over mine ansatte har haft gjort en forskel og haft afgørende betydning på den måde, som jeg kører min forretning på. Derudover har der været en positiv effekt på omsætningen.

    Allan Hansen - John Bull, København, DK
  • Efter vi er gået over til Provargo, har vi opnået større fleksibilitet, mersalg med bordservering og glade bartendere der går hjem uden ondt i armen!

    John Jensen, DaClub – It's Party Time!, Stenløse, DK
  • Jeg har kun positive ting at sige om systemet. Vi sparer tid på optælling og jeg har et nemt overblik over mit spiritussalg. Det fremgår tydeligt at vi ikke har noget svind på spiritus mere.

    Christian Palludan, Gorms Kro
  • I can honestly say that Provargo’s system has seriously increased profits in all our branches, adding on average at least 10% in the first 3 months.

    Gus Brown, Dubliner Music Pubs chain, Scandinavia
  • In the case of the Provargo System, work need only be done within 1,000 feet of the receiver. This is a particularly good solution for those operations that employ portable bars for functions, or at especially busy times.

    Brian J. Warrener, Associate Professor at the Hospitality College of Johnson & Wales University
  • I have been getting very positive feedback from executives at Yankee Stadium about how well the Provargo System is working. We have installed 800 spouts as of today at 7 bars and all is working well.

    Clay Sheff, Yankee Stadium
  • There are too many advantages to list here, but the most important one for me has been the increased control and security that I have over my business.

    David Patrick, At Kennedy's, Cape Town, SA

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