Flexibility and speed


Flexibility and speed

The Provargo system gives you excellent opportunities to increase turnover on spirits and wine. Wireless dispensing and a secure control system allows your waiters, busboys and other staff to serve customers at the table, indoors and outside, while avoiding the risk of shrinkage.

Customers who have bought a beer, drink or shot often remain seated for some time before getting up to go to the bar to buy a second round. Maybe they don’t want to miss anything said at the table or to wait in a queue at the bar or maybe it is something else that makes them postpone their second visit to the bar. Whatever the reason, they are still willing to buy another drink.

Customers respond positively to an approach from bar staff offering a refill at the table. They see this as unexpectedly good service!

Offering refills at the table has a distinctly positive effect on the turnover and, no matter how willing your customers are to queue at the bar, turnover increases when you serve drinks at the table.

Surveys shows that restaurant owners who had introduced service at the tables indicated that they had 20-40% more turnover on products offered to customers at the table.

You can also put bottles on the tables, which eliminates waiting time completely.

Thanks to the optimum level of security, the system allows waiters to take bottles outside in order to serve customers there – with no risk of shrinkage.

A wireless dispensing system also creates better flow in the bar as all bar employees can dispense drinks at all locations, simultaneously.


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