When you use the ProCloud system, you don’t need to be in the bar to have a complete overview of it. The system ensures that you can access data anywhere and there’s no shrinkage even when you are not on the premises.

The system gives you a complete picture; sales from bottles of spirits and wine and the flow from beer kegs/tanks and post-mix, as well as piece sales of bottled beer, cider, crisps, etc.

ProCloud not only creates a complete overview of sales including diagrams and graphs highlighting positive or negative trends, it also gives you stock data, order lists and notifies you of incidents that are indicative of shrinkage. You can download the data online via PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. You can access your data wherever you are.

During busy periods, it’s often difficult to spot unwelcome incidents, such as shrinkage or a bar running short of a popular product. The ProCloud App can send a pop-up message to a bar manager or other member of staff if any such incident should occur. You can select which members of staff are to receive messages about which specific types of incidents. All these incidents are highlighted in the cloud as notifications on the front page.

Larger venues and restaurant chains will by using the ProCloud system get a total overview of all bars and locations. The system is flexible so you can create the overview you find most appropriate for your particular business.

A very large venue, the Yankee Stadium got a complete overview of 25 bars when it implemented the Provargo system. Bar staff’s activities can be tracked from a central location, and each of the bars can be opened and closed from the central office.


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