Connect ProVargo with you POS system and gain 100% control

The Provargo system can be connected to POS systems.

The two methods most frequently chosen when a Provargo dispensing and control system is connected to a POS system are:

1. Diff report: A diff (difference) report shows how much is entered into the POS system compared to what has been dispensed/delivered according to the control system, and the difference between the two. A diff report can specify figures per bar, product, group or even per waiter.

2. POS pour control: POS pour control requires that data is entered into the POS system before a drink can be poured. The POS system transmits approval to the dispensing system and the dispensing system is “locked” until it receives approval from the POS system. POS pour control provides maximum security as it ensures that every sale is entered into the POS system.