ProCloud App

Working in combination with ProCloud, the primary purpose of the ProCloud App is to notify users of important events as they occur. Staff receive a pop-up message on their smartphone when pre-defined events occur. For example:

  • If stocks of a product in a bar, e.g. vodka, are about to run out, or if a beer keg is almost empty, the system can send a pop-up message to a selected smartphone.
  • If the system is programmed to communicate with your POS system, the Provargo system will record if the number of drinks dispensed exceeds those entered into the POS system. The system can be programmed to send a pop-up message at the slightest suspicion of shrinkage.
  • A variety of incidents which may indicate that there is a risk of shrinkage in the bar can be set up to trigger a pop-up message. E.g. if a bottle registered as half-full is changed or if there appears to be zero consumption on a beer tower which should be active, etc.

The App can also be set up to send a pop-up message to a specific person. For example, messages regarding maintenance may be sent to a specific person while messages about unauthorised bottle changes and critical stock levels may be sent to another.

The purpose of the ProCloud App is to get important information to the relevant personnel as and when they occur, and to give staff an opportunity to take action to ensure that no minor issue becomes a major problem. The system provides users with a total overview in busy periods.