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Benefits - Provargo


Increase your top line

The Provargo cloud-based bar management system gives you a unique opportunity to increase your turnover on spirits, with improved visibility of your bottles in the Wall Rack and increased output and dispensing capability of the bar staff, without having to worry about security.

The digital Wall-Rack solution offers great profitable features:

  • Fast dispensing. All waiters can dispense accurate – two drinks at a time
  • Easy handling, no need to carry around the bottles
  • Timesaving automatic counting and stock control, by the push of a button – saves valuable time
  • Never run out of products, due to real time low-stock notifications through the App

Secure your bottom line

Experience shows that the bottom line increases when you acquire a secure and effective control and dispensing system.

By using Provargo’s Cloud solution for computer, tablet or phone through individual portal, you gain full overview of your business and all units of the system: Wall Rack units for alcohol dispensing, beer dispensing, software, etc. are structured according to the highest requirements to security so your earnings on spirits is optimally ensured.

Dispensing data is displayed for easy benchmarking and can be incorporated into leading POS and other accounting systems. With POS integration you will be able to get a difference report from which the day’s pours are compared with what has been entered into the POS system.

The system includes both draft beer flow monitors and a new WallRack system, which sends dispensing and bottle change data with timestamps to the customers personal cloud platform.

To provide real time information to relevant persons, ProCloud App sends out push messages to smartphones, tablets and other devices, if any chosen events occurs like low stock, dispensing made without typing the POS, bottle change made before the bottle is empty etc.