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Beverage control. Increase profits with beverage control

Innovative beverage control saves you money

Danish Provargo A/S is a sales and engineering company that is specialized in beverage control. Since 1997, we have developed high technology and innovative beverage control products that saves money and increases turnover for the hospitality industry. To hear more about our beverage control fill in the contact form or call us at +45 40 76 16 12.

Wireless dispensing system for beverage control

The world’s first wireless beverage control system has been developed based on our technological expertise and vast knowledge. The beverage control dispensing system monitors all pours via user-friendly, wireless software.

Beverage control at advantageous prices

We offer our beverage control system at extremely advantageous prices compared to older and less user-friendly control systems. We can do this, because we are responsible for developing the products and ensuring they are produced at the right price and quality.

Boost your turnover with beverage control

Our user-friendly and unique beverage control system has been developed especially for bars looking to boost their turnover. The system has achieved great acknowledgement all over the world due to its ability to increase profits. The beverage control system allows management to control what and how much spirits are used. Furthermore, the system extends the serving staff’s area of movement.

If you want more information on our profitable beverage control system, please do not hesitate to contact us at +45 40 76 16 12 or fill in the contact form.