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Wireless spouts – beverage dispensing, beverage control

Top class beverage dispensing system

Are you in search of a beverage dispensing system for beverage control? Provargo A/S has developed high-technology products for the hospitality industry since 1997. We are specializing in beverage dispensing with the profitable wireless spouts. For a top class beverage dispensing system, please call +45 40 76 16 12 or use the contact form.

Serve your guests at the table

The Provargo beverage dispensing system for beverage control is based on wireless spouts controlled by distinctive management software. The wireless spouts give your waiters, busboys and others a unique opportunity to serve all customers at the tables – both indoors and outdoors.

Wireless spouts for high security

Are you looking for flexible and secure beverage control? Due to the wireless nature of this beverage dispensing system you get a high security level. The wireless spouts enable the waiters to bring the bottle outside to serve customers without any risk.

Profitable beverage control

Sometimes people buy fewer drinks if they have to stand in a long line at the bar. And everyone knows the situation where no one feels like getting the drinks, because they don’t want to leave the pleasant conversation. With the wireless spouts you have the perfect solution for this expensive problem. With a mobile beverage dispensing system your guests don’t have to leave the table or stand in line. With wireless spouts you increase the turnover on the actual products by 20-40 %.

For profitable and customer friendly beverage dispensing, please call +45 40 76 16 12 or use the contact form.