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Bulk goods / piece sales - Provargo

Bulk goods / piece sales

The ProCloud system can also register piece sales from the bar, e.g. bottled beer, cider and fizzy drinks, crisps and peanuts, and any other products you wish to register manually.

You count stocks at the beginning of the day and then type the numbers onto the system, by using a tablet, smartphone, Pc, etc.
The stock count at the end of the previous day can also be transferred as the stock count at the beginning of the new day.

Alternatively, the system can be set up with a predetermined bar stock at the beginning of each day. (The morning stock count is set automatically).

After closing or the next day, you enter the previous evening’s stock count, which effectively records piece and bulk product sales in the system – as if, like sales of spirits, wine, beer and post-mix, they were automatically registered by the various system devices.

When piece sales are entered into the system, the data is accessible in several different types of reports: Daily report, periodical/advanced report, stock report, order report , losses report and in various graphic illustrations/diagrams, etc.