Freddy's Bar

The major advantages of the Provargo system is the speed and easiness the system is operated with. Many employees can operate the system simultaneously, and no waiting on each other. Superior accuracy when pouring, hence no discussions with the customers on whether it is the right quantity poured. 

The turnover has increased by 25% per hour in the evenings due to the ability to serve more customers. This equates to DKK 1000 extra per hour during evenings and busy times. The improved visibility of the liquor bottles has led to increased sales of spirits, difficult to say how much exactly but I estimate 5-7%. 

Provargos system is a tool providing accurate data to better run and operate my bar. The data gives me clarity on a number of different operational factors;  

· The selection of different spirits has been reduced by 30%, eliminating the bottles which were never bought by customers, and no more dead inventory. 

· 20-30 minutes time saved per day in the morning for the bar manager doing the accounts for the previous day. 

· I base all my business decisions on the data provided by the system. 

· Example 1: The data provides clarity on what sells, how much and when. For example, every Tuesday a certain Bitter was sold in large quantities, the Provargo data allowed me to experiment with the pricing and I found out, that by reducing the price on this product every Tuesday it attracted even more people and the turnover grew significantly. 

· Example 2: One morning there had been a problem with the POS system. I could see that 180 pints was not registered on the POS but I knew from the Provargo system the beer had been tapped. Before Provargo was installed I would have never known and the staff would have had a "tip" of DKK 7.000. Now the waiters knew that it was registered on the Provargo cloud and that there was no way of cheating, so they reported the problem to me and the POS problem was fixed. 

· Additionally, I use the system to prove that the beer quality is good, if a customer complains I can show the customer when the tap was last cleaned, when the keg was last changed and when the last beers were poured. Guests like data too and are happy and satisfied. 

Peter Larsen 

System(s) in use: Digirack & Digiflow (beer & post mix)
Installed date: 2018
Cost of installation: 6,700 Euros
Return on investment: 9 months