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How it works - Provargo

How it works

The ProCloud system comprises a series of unique control and dispensing units, which together give you total control and a full overview of all dispensing of draught beer, post-mix, spirits, wines, etc.

The ProCloud transceiver registers wireless dispensing data from all the units and transmits it to your personal platform on ProCloud. The ProCloud solution gives you the data you need precisely when you need it.


Experience ProCloud

ProCloud is Provargo’s unique cloud-based solution for all types of catering
outlets: bars, hotels, night clubs, cruise liners, restaurants, etc
ProCloud gives you a complete overview of bar sales:
spirits, beer, wine, post mix and piece sales.

ProCloud App

Working in combination with ProCloud, the primary purpose of the ProCloud App
is to notify users of important events as they occur. Staff receive a pop-up message
on their smartphone when pre-defined events occur.

Reports & overview

ProCloud allows you to generate all the reports you need to create a detailed overview at any time.
Graphics and charts give you a simple visual overview.
By using ProCloud you can generate Daily reports, Advanced reports,
Stock & orders reports, Losses report and Device overview.

Bulk goods / piece sales

The ProCloud system can also register piece sales from the bar.
When piece sales are entered into the system,
the data is accessible in several different types of reports

POS interface

The Provargo system can be connected to POS systems through cloud open API
and digital protocols to non-cloud based POS systems.
With POS integration, the Provargo dispensing and control system offers even better control