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Liquor management – liquor monitoring via liquor spouts

Intelligent liquor management

Are you in need of liquor management? Provargo A/S is a Danish engineering and sales company specializing in liquor monitoring with a digital liquor spout. The unique bar management system is based on more than 15 years of innovative, high-technology product development for the hospitality industry. For intelligent liquor management, please contact us at +45 40 76 16 12 or fill out the contact form.

Wireless liquor spout

We have created a liquor monitoring system based on experience, demand, knowledge and technological expertise. The result is the world’s first wireless liquor dispenser. The liquor monitoring system has special function where all pours is controlled via wireless user-friendly software.

Inexpensive liquor management

We are in full control of the development of the products and see to it that the production is conducted at the accurate price and quality. This enables us to offer the patented liquor spout at a competitive price compared to the older and less user-friendly liquor management systems.

Increase your turnover with liquor monitoring

The Provargo liquor spout has received great recognition around the world for facilitating an increase of the turnover. The user-friendly and flexible liquor monitoring solution is created for the hospitality management seeking to monitor pouring and by doing so increase profits. With our liquor spout you can control what and how much spirits to be used in the bar.

Do you want to increase your turnover? Contact us at +45 40 76 16 12 or fill out the contact form for a lucrative liquor monitoring solution.