ProCloud is Provargo’s unique cloud-based solution for all types of catering outlets: bars, hotels, night clubs, cruise liners, restaurants, etc.

ProCloud gives you a complete overview of bar sales: spirits, beer, wine, post mix and piece sales. The ProCloud front page gives you a real-time view of sales and compares average figures for the same time each week. You can also view system status. Are all units online, are stock levels critical? The front page includes shortcuts to your favourite reports and overviews.


When you have the ProCloud App, ProCloud can send you pop-up messages whenever anything important happens. You don’t have to be logged on to the system all the time to be on hand in a critical situation. Read more about the ProCloud App.

ProCloud gives you exactly the information you need. You can download data for any period in the past, for a specific bar/department and for any specific product or product group.

Using the stock and ordering system you can see current stock status for any product at any time. You can print or download a list at any time, e.g. to your smartphone. The list shows you which bar products and which quantities you need to order to fully replenish stocks to the desired levels. You can at any time see precisely what you need to order, while you are in contact with your supplier or even when you are out shopping.

Provargo takes a daily back-up of ProCloud to ensure that your data is secured regardless of unforeseen events.

Data security
To ensure that our user login is user-friendly and secure, you will be asked to enter your location, user name and password in order to access ProCloud. The location will usually be defined when you log in for the first time. Subsequently you will only need to enter your user name and password.