Reports and Overview

ProCloud allows you to generate all the reports you need to create a detailed overview at any time. Graphics and charts give you a simple visual overview.

Any report can be exported to Excel.The Cloud front page provides a consistent overview of today’s sales compared to the average figures for the same week day.
Reports and overviews provide all the figures and graphs you need to make wise decisions as and when you need them.

Daily report
At the end of the working day, you will usually print a daily report, containing a full list of product sales and sales per bar and for all bars individually. You can generate a daily report at any time you wish.

Advanced report
When you need a more specific report, e.g. on a specific product, a single bar or in order to check sales during periods, when certain members of staff were on duty, you can easily print a specific report. Just select the desired period/bar/product/group, etc.

Stock and order report
You can print a report showing stock levels of all products per bar and in all the bars collectively – at any time you like. In addition to current stock status, you can read how much you need to buy of each product in order to fully replenish the stock. You can clearly see from the report if stocks of a product are critically low.

Losses report
You can generate a losses report, which lists the number of potential pourings which were not made. E.g. if you pour 2.5 ml measures from a 70 ml bottle, you should be able to pour 28 measures in all. If you only pour 26 measures, then the losses report registers the loss of two measures.

The losses report adds up the total loss per bar in a given period.

Device Overview
The device overview shows in detail when each individual pouring is made, how much is poured, when bottles are changed and how much has been poured since the last bottle change.

The bottle change will in ProCloud be marked in red, if the bottle change was made while there still should have been liquid in the bottle.

You can also get a full overview of current status of all devices/units and detailed information regarding consumption on the individual device/unit.