RFID spirits & wine spout

Cloud based stock & beverage control

Provargo now offers RFID spirits & wine spout

Our RFID spirits & wine spout is our newest product which gives you maximum control, a full overview of every pour and user-friendly reports integrated with your POS system.

Maximum security & online control of every pour

Our RFID spirits & wine spout is integrated to our cloud-based bar management sytem which gives you a full & complete overview of your inventory & stock.

Our RFID spirits & wine spout comes with a display that shows all the relevant information you need, right at the bar. Even your newest servant will quickly adapt to our system, since it shows what product you have in hand and even what size you are about to pour. This means an accurate measuring and therefore no loss.

Access all the information anywhere, at anytime.

Online control of every pour

Full control & visibility improves the bottom line & gives you a complete overview with user-friendly reports

4 fixed portioning sizes

Full control & correct measuring with a complete & detailed overview of all dispensings

Backup memory of 1000+ dispensings

Complete overview of all dispensings in a customized cloud-solution with maximum security

POS API for loss reports

Actual balance & loss reports helps highlighting discrepancy between dispenses & postings on the POS system

Extra features

Display shows sizes, products & other relevant information

Cloud-based, POS connection & App alerts

Inventory management on each product

Robust design

Our solution

Provargo provides the leading beverage control and dispensing solutions for the food & beverage industry that allows you to track your performance and loss, and receive smart insights to boost your business. 

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