Enersave - energy & cost saving


Our system monitors and intelligently manages remote coolers to conserve electricity and save money whist maintaining beer quality and cellar temperature.

  • Reduce energy usage by 50%
  • Reduce energy cost by 50%
  • Reduce C02 by 50%
  • Fast and trackable return on investment – you see what you are saving real time 

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Beverage control solutions

Our beverage control solutions provide insights and data in real time to allow you to optimise your operations. By giving an unprecedented overview of what is happening in your venue in real time, increasing serving speed, accuracy & flexibility, improving visibility of the products, reducing waste & loss, optimise your inventory and improve stock management and help you optimise your staffing levels.

Provargo’s Bar management systems gives you the insights to allow you to increase your profitability.  

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Bar dispensing solutions for your business

At PROVARGO we are passionate about the beverage management solutions that we provide to partners (hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars cafes, nightclubs as well as festivals, stadia, venues and brewery groups.

Our IoT technology allows you optimise profitability and efficiencies whist limiting waste in all beverage operations. 

If you are managing beverage operations for your business and want to significantly improve your profitability then find out more about our Bar Management and Dispensing Control Solutions. 

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Café Kildevæld

"After having installed the Provargo Digipour WallRack on my 3 restaurants in Østerbro, Frihavnskroen, Perikles and Café Kildevæld, I have increased the sales of spirits sales by 20% in all bars. I am sure this is due to the visibility of the bottles for the customers and that all dispensings and bottle changes are registered and thereby ensure that everything is settled."
Allan Arp Hansen 

Café Kildevæld logo

Freddy's Bar

"After installing the Provargo system on beer, cocktails and spirits in my 2 bars as well as 3 moveable bars, I increased my profits by more than 25%. This is mainly due to the overview and control provided by the system".
Peter Larsen

Freddy's Bar logo