Digirack - bar optics for pouring control

Increase the speed and accuracy of service.

Our eye-catching wallrack optics give you full pouring control, consumption data and improved visibility of liquors and spirits.

Eye-catching design

  • Danish designed wallrack optics draw attention to bottles to increase sales
  • Integrated display highlights product information
  • Change the wallrack optics' brightness and colour from the app

Connected, accurate, easy

  • Cloud-based, full online control of liquor dispensing and bottle shift
  • Customisable app alerts - giving you complete, accurate and immediate overview of consumption, performance, inventory, and losses
  • Easy to use & replace bottles
  • 100% accurate — approved by UK National Weights and Measures

Café Kildevæld

* increased sales of spirits by 20%
* due to the visibility of the bottles