DigiFlow - draft control and cellar management systems

Detailed dispensing overview of all draft products: Beer, postmix, bag-in-box wine, liquor and cocktails on draft.

The DigifFlow system takes the guess work out of cellar management. All your keg information available at the bar or on your phone. Stock levels, cleaning, temperature, and age to ensure your customers drink is perfect every time.

No need to go down to the cellar while your customers wait to be served. You save time and money by reducing stress on your teams. And improving your customer service.

You get real time information telling you what was poured when and the levels in each of your kegs so you can anticipate and optimise the timing of the changes.

Anticipate: see volumes left in each keg at any time

  • Optimization: no more disruption at busy serving times
  • Real-time stock management
  • ePOS Integration

Flexible features

  • Quality Monitoring
  • Temperature
  • Expiry
  • Robust design
  • Cleaning

Portioning and self-service

  • Free pour
  • Up to four fixed sizes on each tap
  • Portioning on manual taps

Portalen music venues

* increased profits by more than 25%.
* overview and control

DigiFlow draft dispensing beer keg monitoring