Bar Management Systems and Inventory Control for Pubs, Bars and Restaurants

Our world leading IoT bar management and stock control systems give you full visibility and control over what is served in your venue and provide you with the insights to optimise your productivity and increase your profitability.

Reduced wastage and loss at your venue

  • Accurate measurements on drinks and data on all consumption vs earnings our systems can be linked to your EPOS system for a full overview.


  • Real time monitoring of beer temperature, cleaning, stock levels, expiry date, keg and bottle changes ensure that every drink served is perfect for you and your customer every time

Energy savings

  • The EnerSave system saves you 50% on energy on your beer cooling significantly reducing your costs and your CO2 reduction. Unlike other systems you can see what you are saving in real time to help you optimise your energy spend Click here to find out more about EnerSave.


  • Display your spirits with our Wall Rack and clean up your bar

Staff efficiency & improved service

  • The system allows you to monitor staff performance, optimise staff deployment & staff efficiency to better manage costs and customer service at peak times and prevent loss. Serve your customers better and faster.


  • Accurate and real-time data allows for significant improvement in forecasting, optimised inventory & staff efficiency, reduces risk of out of stocks and lost sales while increasing profits

Inventory optimisation & stock control

  • Realtime stock management givers you faster and more accurate inventory control to analyse the performance of all products in real time and increase your profitability.
Provargo optics for bar owners