EnerSave - energy & cost saving solutions for beer cooling

REDUCE Energy costs & CO2 emissions by 50%

What is Enersave ?

An IOT solution that monitors and intelligently manages remote coolers (and more) to conserve electricity and save money while maintaining beer quality and cellar temperature.

Our online Dashboard provides real-time data of your consumption (can see and track your savings live), allowing you the ability to make informed energy choices.

How it works

  • The smart box is installed in the Cellar. An algorithm allows for the intelligent control of the beer cooling system taking into account significant variations in energy usage throughout the day and week. The greatest savings will be achieved in low and no trading periods.

What are the Benefits?

  • RAPID ROI – Starts saving you money instantly
  • COMPLETE VISIBILITY OF SAVINGS – see & track savings in real time
  • DATA AVALIABILITY – Cloud access from anywhere with remote update
  • ALERTS - Instant & real time update if there are any cooling issues
  • REDUCED MAINTENANCE - Extended lifetime of the coolers
  • EASY & FAST TO INSTALL “Plug & play".
Energy Saving cellar management