Bar Management systems and Inventory Control for Cruise operators

We’ve been cooperating with the beer and bar industry for many years in finding the most efficient solutions to help improve your business in both quality and profit.

Inventory optimisation & stock control

  • Ensuring product availability before a cruise
  • Real time stock count

Staff efficiency & improved service

  • The system allows you to monitor staff performance, optimise staff deployment & staff efficiency and over viewing multiple bars
  • Faster service and multiple servings possible at the same time

Full data overview

  • Monitoring and alerts for keg changes and cooler issues
  • Individualized data for your personal need
  • POS balance report for ongoing knowledge on any discrepancies


  • Accurate and real-time data allows for significant improvement in forecasting, optimised inventory & staff efficiency, reduces risk of out of stocks and lost sales while increasing profits
  • Our system links with other data systems (EPOS etc.) for efficient and full overview
  • Analyse the performance of all products in real time and view performance of new products and price changes instantly

Reduced wastage and loss in your bars

  • Accurate measurements on drinks and data on all consumption vs earnings


  • Display your spirits with our Wall Rack and keep a clean look in your bars


  • Real time monitoring of beer temperature, cleaning, stock levels, expiry date, keg and bottle changes and perfectly measured drinks every time

Energy savings and measurable CO2 reduction

  • With our Enersave you can save 50 % on energy on your beer coolers as well as instant CO2 reduction. Click here for more info.

Our system enables you to review performance, predict sales, optimize inventory, save on energy, improve beverage quality, forecast deliveries and deliver an overall enhanced customer experience

DigiFlow bar dispensing