Bar Management systems and Inventory Control for Tour & Cruise operators

We’ve been supporting Cruise & tour operators in finding the most appropriate solutions to improve their business. Together with our customers, we’ve developed systems to give visibility and control of your business, reduce wastage and loss, optimise your staff, identify issues, increase the speed and accuracy of service. Whilst providing real time consumption data to allow you to monitor your business and forecast for future growth.

Reduced wastage and loss in your bars

  • Do your bars on your cruise / travel experiences suffer from high wasteage?
  • Compare what is paid for vs what is poured to reduce loss & wastage and quickly identify issues.
  • Improved pouring accuracy – each pour is measured and monitored no more losses due to inaccurate pouring.

Improved Customer Service - faster and more accurate - more time spent on customers

  • Optimise the experience for your customers.
  • Faster service – improved turnover +25% at busy times / multiple serving at the same time.
  • More accurate service – optimise profitability by loss reduction.
  • Accuracy and easy to monitor - Less time measuring more time pouring,

Improved Quality – perfect drinks every time

  • Keeping the quality of drinks poured by tour & cruise operators at a consistently high level.
  • Monitoring of temperature, cleaning, stock levels, expiry date, time, and accuracy of pouring to ensure each drink poured is perfect.

Forecasting – accurate real time data for optimising performance

  • Tour & cruise operators benefit from accurate forecasting to improve cashflow and reduce wastage.
  • Accurate and real-time data allows for significant improvement in forecasting, optimised inventory & staff efficiency, reduces risk of out of stocks and lost sales whilst increasing margin.
  • Can be linked with other data – eg EPOS, ERP, plus holidays, temperature, consumer date etc to improve forecasting

Pricing & Marketing – Realtime information allows for fast and accurate decision making.

  • Assess and see impact of price changes in real time.
  • Analise the performance of all products in real time, see performance of new products instantly.
  • Identify the hotspots on the bar for increased sales. Highlight and promote high margin products to optimise inventory.

Improved staff efficiency

  • Front of house staff are the primary points of contact for Tour & cruise operators
  • The system allows you to monitor and control staff performance, optimise staff deployment & staff efficiency to better manage costs and customer service at peak times.

Inventory optimisation & stock control

  • Realtime stock management allows for faster and more frequent stock control and inventory optimisation.
  • Increased accuracy and reduced staff time in stock control and inventory management.
  • Significant wastage and loss reduction by being able to identify issues quickly and take appropriate action.
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